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    Server Rates: Xp - 30, Sp - 50, Adena - 50, Drop - Custom
    Character Status Server Status
    Start lvl for char: 61 Server ON: 18.00GTM+2
    Firt Armor: A gradeBuff Time: 4 Hours
    GM Shops: Alt+BMain Town: Dungeon zone
    Max Weapon / Armor: +16Raid Spawn: 10 Hours
    Simple Scroll: 65% | Blessed Scroll:65%Server Chronicle: High Five 5

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  • L2 Dungeon PvP Server Coming Soon  | Data: 22.04.2017
    Server is offline New start 2017/06/25

     Welcome.We are develope new game, unique gameplay with equipment upgrade, an exciting character progression, that doesn't make you bored! Another reason to play at our server - comfortable game atmosphere, all players start in Gludio airship, here you start gain experience from 61 to 85 level, this solution is designed to bring together all players in one place.L2Dungeon server not like other lineage2  all Word server!!!! This server Only have Dungeon (Rift party,Solo special room and Kamaloka time /10min.More information about Dungeon.

    L2Dungeon have lvl/pvp balance. Sample: Dungeon 60-68lvl only this level can invite to dungeon. Server have more armor and weapon and not all item you can't buy from shop monsters also drop good item Dungeon of Dragon will be kamaloka zone mini boss Hard!!!.
    L2Dungeon does not have DONATE ITEM SHOP after a 5day server start only Premium drop x2.

    L2Dungeon, the new server will start at 2017/06/25 .This server
     Europa time 18:00 CET Russia -18:00 UK - 16:00
    Change Language .lang English ,Russian
    Изменить язык .lang
    Server Party Matching  | Data: 22.04.2017
    Server have Party Matching It will be easy invite to Dungeon.
    Only Party Leader can start Dungeon!
    More informacion about server Dungeon.

    Clan Manager  | Data: 05.04.2017
    Clan leader manager .Clan
    Mouse Coin (Drop all monsters)
    Clan Skill
    Free item 61 lvl  | Data: 04.04.2017
    First take Class and you get free item list.
    Mage character all item have to inventory.